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Veterans Strongpoint


The mainstays of a trip to STR are simple. Everything we do, we do together and all activities are conceived as therapeutic experiences.  


Cornerstones of our programs include hiking, sharing meals, spending time outdoors, or generally exploring the mountains. By cooking a meal over an open fire on top of Chow Mountain, taking part in our Legacy Hike to the summit of South Baldy, or putting together a time capsule to provide closure to a visit to the Ranch, our guests help each other transition through life’s challenges.


We also provide opportunities for veterans and guests to leave their mark on STR, by helping with projects around the Ranch, like building our 2,800 square foot outdoor stone labyrinth, building and blazing hiking trails, and making trail signage.  


As we grow, build, and develop we see that our greatest achievements occur when individuals come together to accomplish a common goal.

Each program at STR is unique to the group that is visiting, but will follow a similar format.  
A sample itinerary is provided below:

  • Morning: Travel to the Ranch and introductions where participants briefly describe their military service, and how they became involved with STR.

  • Afternoon: Flag raising ceremony on site of the The Barracks and brief tour of the grounds of STR.

  • Evening: Group dinner and brief of the trip's activities

  • Morning: Team-building project, that enables visitors to leave their mark on grounds of STR.  Past projects have included building the labyrinth, trail building, signage, and construction of a fire pit.  

  • Afternoon: Lunch and preparations for short hike to STR's very own Chow Mountain.

  • Evening: Build a fire and enjoy a meal under the stars atop Chow Mountain.

  • Morning: Stretching and breathing exercises and strength training using our outdoor gym built in partnership with Dawg Patch Bandits

  • Afternoon: The Legacy Hike is a keystone event; ranging in length around the STR property, participants share stories about their own personal journey, and process how they would like to move forward in life. 

  • Evening: Debrief from our Legacy Hike, and enjoy a group dinner as we relax around the Ranch.

  • Morning: Independent activities around the Ranch, such as walking the labyrinth or reading.

  • Afternoon: Walking Labyrinth, an engaging group activity that we practice in silence, and allow participants to share their thoughts while at the center of the Labyrinth.

  • Evening: Debrief on the visit.

  • Morning: Closing ceremony to include lowering of Flag and burial of group made time capsule.

  • Complete exit surveys as necessary.

  • Afternoon/Evening: Exchange contact information and travel home from STR.

Chow fire.jpeg

Commitment to Mental Health

During STR's therapeutic programming an on site licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) leads therapeutic group activities and discussions.  All while attending retreat activities along side their brothers and sisters and is available for one on one supportive work, for all participants in need. 

Every Strongpoint program teaches specific techniques for individuals to learn in a group setting, and practice on their own helping them maintain positive mental health. When we are physically hurting we may be quick to treat the accompanying symptoms, far too often veterans choose to ignore their mental symptoms or do not have the tools or support to effectively treat them. 

Through peer support sessions, group activities,  and one on one opportunities with a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), veterans at Strongpoint learn tools and active self-care skills.

The natural beauty of The Ranch and endless mountain views are an ideal location for service members to release the weight of traumatic experiences that they have been carrying around. By relieving the toxic burden of unwanted stress, sadness, anger, guilt, fears, etc. participants are now ready to grow from here and are open to continued assistance, as needed, in becoming the best  versions of themselves.

Veteran participants routinely comment how their healing and positive growth on The Ranch has carried forward the improvement of their lives in meaningful and significant ways, and that growth has not only benefited them but also carried over to their loved ones; benefitting all.

Gold Star Mothers

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Strongpoint Reunions

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Backcountry Strongpoint

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