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The mission continues in 2024 as we aim to host more programs than ever before.

Since the arrival of The Barracks in February 2022, we have fully resumed our therapeutic programs which we were unable to host during the pandemic. In January 2023 STR hosted a group of clinicians and facilitators who all previously experienced a Strongpoint program and volunteered to return to receive the necessary training to properly deliver these events to fellow veterans.  


With the expansion of our facilitation team, we will be able to host 6 additional therapeutic programs this year, so long as we have the funding. Strongpoint Theinert continues to minimize expenses by utilizing an all volunteer staff of mental health professionals and veteran peer facilitators. 

Strongpoint Theinert has always been a family organization honoring the service and sacrifice of 1LT Joe Theinert; what is so amazing is that through our programs we have grown the STR family, and know that our team of facilitators can continue to deliver high quality therapeutic experiences to all participants.


Through the generous support of our donors we have built this amazing facility and continue to offer services at zero cost to our participants. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today to honor our nation's veterans, their service and sacrifice. We are in need of $75,000 to meet our target for 2024.

Transforming Lives 
One Strongpoint at a Time

With an average cost of only $750 per participant your donation helps to make meaningful positive change in the life a military service member and their family.


Strongpoint Theinert Ranch (STR) is a place where active and veteran military members,  their families, and Gold Star families come together to strengthen themselves both physically and mentally, transition through life’s challenges, and reconnect with friends, family, and most importantly themselves, as they bond over shared experiences and participate in a wide range of activities amongst the natural beauty of the scenic mountains and open prairies of New Mexico.

Programs at Strongpoint Theinert Ranch are kept small, so that each trip can be customized to the needs and interests of that group. Our agility and flexibility allows us to better serve our members.

Our goal is to create a sense of community at Strongpoint Theinert Ranch that allows our participants to come away stronger than they arrived with newfound energy and friendships to improve their overall quality of life.

Strongpoint Theinert Ranch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is entirely funded by donations. There is no charge for veterans, veteran families, or Gold Star families to visit the Ranch.

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Program Variations


STR 001, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

Veterans Strongpoint 

Our foundational program that serves to bring together veterans from all over the country in the therapeutic environment of The Ranch to share their stories of service, sacrifice, and what they want their legacy to be. 


STR 10

Youth Leadership SP

Aiming to teach area youth about leadership, service, and sacrifice STR pairs Veteran Facilitators with high school and college aged students for a rigorous five day program.  


STR 8 & 12

Unit Specific Strongpoint

When a military unit is hit with a particularly challenging event, be it: mass casualties, suicide epidemic, or having lost connection with each other. This shared Strongpoint can serve as a catalyst for healing.



Backcountry Strongpoint

With nearly one million acres of National Forest in our backyard it would be a shame not to explore it.  More physically challenging, but just as healing, as a traditional Strongpoint



Gold Star Mothers

As a family who lost someone in service to our country, we understand the pain and challenges it can cause.  We were honored to host a group of Gold Star Mothers to come to The Ranch and offer healing opportunities.


Partnered with Mashomack Preserve

Strongpoint Reunion

When a veteran returns home from a Strongpoint the work continues as they involve their family in the healing process.  Reunions allow us to integrate veterans and families.

















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